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  • Summer furniture shopping
    (07 July 2011)
      Looking for furniture can be a difficult task at the best of times, if you live in the countryside or have mobility problems it can be…
  • It's summer time
    (27 June 2011)
    It's a beautiful day.. It’s summer time and we all moving out into the garden, whether the patio or the grass. Maybe the furniture…
  • Sale time
    (23 June 2011)
    Hi, It's that sale time of year again. We have just had the longest day and summer is well on the way. Why not come and choose some new…
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Modern Furniture Direct presents you with modern furniture for everday living. With over 30,000 products from 150 countries, all supplied by select UK retailers, there are plenty of products to choose from. 


We currently have many household and garden products for the following retailers: John Lewis, Heals, Hasom Interiors, Armara Living, The Big Bathroom Company, Red Candy, The Sofa Company, Cook In Style, Sleeping Solutions and The Garden Furniture Center.




No matter what colour or material you prefer, we can show you to the best prices for high quality modern furniture direct and accessories for your home, office or wherever you need. Each piece of furniture is durable, comfortable and offers its own modern look to any room. There is also a large selection of home accessories from bath towels to lamps, and a wide selection of garden modern furniture stores too. Enhance your existing home style or create an entirely new, updated look by shopping with My Modern Furniture!


Internet shoppers can find a number of helpful tools right here on the My Modern Furniture homepage. We have created a list of furniture themed categories so you can get started shopping for the right piece as soon as you arrive. If you are searching for a specific chair, table, couch, lamp or other furniture or accessory item, you can enter it into our helpful website search tool. We have also added a collection of featured items on our homepage so you can begin browsing right away.


Every product you see on My Modern Furniture is currently available through one of our reputable third party retailers. Our goal is to bring you an easier way to shop online for fine furniture with modern flair. Shopping with us gives you the same variety you would get from visiting each retailer individually. The difference is that when you shop My Modern Furniture, you do not have to waste any time seeking out each individual retailer to see what they have to offer and all for no extra cost to you.


There are many places to find quality modern furniture on the web. Let us make it easier for you to locate the cheapest prices and best designs for your home or office. Getting started is easy. Visit My Modern Furniture today to discover new ways to update your home or work space!